Father and Son Bonding on Lake Temagami

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard for dads to find ways to connect with their sons. Life is so busy and it can be hard to find common ground. Houseboating can provide a great opportunity to spend time with your son and find out if you both like some of the same things. At the very worst you’ll both discover you hate the outdoors and bugs and Justin Bieber. But we hope that it will be so much better than that. There are so many opportunities to experience new things, get to know each other better and to just relax and have some fun.

Go hiking through the old growth forest and see who can spot the biggest tree along the trail. Discover some of the great lookouts on Lake Temagami and enjoy lunch and an amazing view at the top.

Correct wood selection, placement, and fire temperature are keys to the perfect marshmallow.

Bring along a canoe or rent one so you can explore the beautiful Temagami shoreline. You may surprize a great blue heron and watch it fly right over your heads. Early in the season you may get to see a bass protecting its nest and young ones. And you just never know when you’ll come across a loon or a duck with little ones.

Temagami means deep water by the shore and in most places the water gets deep quite quickly. This makes for great opportunities to practice diving with your son or to have cannonball competitions right off the back of the houseboat. Bring along snorkels and masks to check out the minnows, crayfish, clams and who knows what else in the water around your campsite. We know one family whose children enjoyed searching for lost cutlery in the lake.

Teaching your son from your experience and wisdom is great for bonding. Here, Glen and Timothy look into the Bible and go through Passport 2 Purity together.

If you love fishing definitely bring your rod and tow a boat. You can also fish from the back of the houseboat while parked at most campsites. You never know when a fish might bite while you’re preparing supper, playing a game or reading on a rainy day. Share in the experience of your son’s first fish. Even if neither of you catch ‘the big one’ you can have a lot of fun together while you try.

We aren’t going to promise that spending a week houseboating with your son will make you best friends for life but it can be a great opportunity to make memories neither of you will forget. How many fathers have passed down the ancient art of building a perfect campfire to roast the perfect marshmallow? Hopefully it will be the beginning of a lifetime of father-son trips and a treasury of great memories.

You never know what you'll find on a hiking adventure, but a tale to tell is guaranteed!

Fishing has been teaching kids patience for generations. There's also learning to tell about the one that got away, it was THIS big, and you should have seen it.