Fishing on Lake Temagami

Famous for it's trophy fish, Lake Temagami will have you coming back for more!  We have


Look good?  Join the many anglers that have found Lake Temagami to be the best fishing experience ever.  Everyone will have a favorite species to fish for here.  Whether it's the great tasting Lake Trout or Walleye, or the great angling fun of Bass and Northern Pike, you're sure to have a blast.  With a Leisure Island houseboat you can find the hotspot and stick close to it.  No more running up and down the lake to get to your spot every day.  Park your houseboat at a nearby campsite and you're there!  Just fish off the boat, or bring your small fishing boat behind the houseboat and cover the surrounding area.  Our boats can easily tow your small boat behind.  Join the ranks of our customers that have found the convenience of fishing from a houseboat.

Fish Temagami was created by Mike Drenth to help anglers get the most out of fishing on Lake Temagami. Watch the video below for fishing tips for our area, and watch more episodes at the Fish Temagami youtube channel!

Try some of our lure recommendations either via the Amazon links below, from your local tackle shop, or at Gramp's Place or Adanac when you get to Temagami.

Also, watch our step by step guide to filleting a walleye!