Wildlife on Lake Temagami

Temagami offers a variety of wildlife both large and small that you can see on your adventure.  Moose and bear top the large category, while loons, ducks, fox, turtles, and many others can be found around the lake.  Many customers have reported sighting moose, and Jeff Marshall was lucky enough to catch this one with his digital camera while camping by Witch Bay on a houseboat.

This bear was also seen by Witch Bay, and I happened to be taking photos of the houseboat from down the beach when it came out looking for a drink.  Although a few bears have been sighted, none have posed a threat to out boaters - just a photo opportunity.

Loons are a common sight on the lake, sometimes with up to two young following behind the parents in the summer.  Many people are amazed at the length of time and distance covered by loons underwater as they hunt for food.  Large gatherings of loons in numbers of 30-40 can be see on occasion, mostly in the fall.  Loon calls are one of the most distinct sounds you'll encounter during your stay in Temagami.  Their relaxing call echoing in the night can set the mood for a good night's sleep close to nature.

Merganser Ducks are also common, often with a crew of young in tow in the summer.  They frequent the shoreline in search of minnows, and can often swim by your houseboat while moored at a campsite once or twice a day if you're in their hunting territory.

Snapping turtles aren't common in most parts of Lake Temagami, but are often seen in Cross Lake.  They are amazing creatures that show little fear, just curiosity and a desire for fish.  You may not want to leave fish on your stringer in the water when these guys are around.  More than one customer has lost a fish to a snapper.